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Website of the Week: RSPCA Reptile Rescue

This week's website of the week goes to RSPCA Reptile Rescue. Brighton RSPCA reptile rescue evolved in 2007 after it became apparent for the need for a safe haven for neglected, unwanted and stray reptiles in the south of England.

Senior Project Manager Lanara started by creating a fully responsive website, using parallax images and large header images. The client took and provided all of the high-resolution images that feature on the website, meaning that they are genuine and a true representation of the reptiles they house.

The website design uses strong imagery, and the website colour scheme uses a dark effect with the accent colour of orange taken from the clients logo.

The website features a call to action for donations and easy to use navigation to all pages where you can put yourself on the waiting list for a certain reptile, buy vivarium's and other equipment and of course adopt a reptile.

The website design features Social Media icons for people to visit and interact with the Facebook and Instagram pages. Having Social Media accounts that you regularly update and publish content to can really help with your organic SEO.

The website has some great information for anyone looking to adopt a reptile. From care sheets, to services for reptile boarding when you're away, the website features easy to access advice, information and more. It's important that a website is not overloaded, but if it is text heavy to spread it out in easy to navigate panels like this website does.

The website also passes Google's mobile-friendly test with flying colours, meaning that the website is responsive to the device it's being viewed on. This is a must when it comes to people viewing the website on the go!

The client kindly awarded us 5 out of a possible 5 stars and said: "Toolkit has great communication and helpfulness of staff."