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Happy Birthday Internet Explorer!

The widely known Windows-built web browser, Internet Explorer turns 21 today! Since having been released back in 1995, we have seen many different versions of IE, each improving with new Windows updates, but what about the other browsers that are used day in, day out?

As off May this year, the most used browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Over 50% of us use Google Chrome to browse the web. Chrome was actually released on the 2nd September 2002, but only entered the ‘top 5 used browsers’ in September 2008. Since then, Chrome has seen a monthly increase in its percentage of users, finally overtaking Firefox and becoming the most popular browser in March 2012.

Mozilla Firefox is only a couple of weeks younger than Google Chrome, with a release date of 23rd September 2002, however Firefox took a faster path in becoming number one, taking the majority of the market for the first time at the beginning of 2009.

Safari, Apple’s web browser is actually the youngest of the top 5, released on the 1st January 2003, while Opera, by Opera Software, is the eldest. Opera’s 21st Birthday was back in April this year.

Although many of us may not remember browsing the web in the 90s, before Internet Explorer was a browser called ‘Netscape Navigator’.  Netscape still held its title in the top 5 browsers 12 years after its initial release and finally dropped below the top 5 at the end of 2006.

Here at Toolkit Websites, we use Mozilla Firefox when carrying out website design. Although our CMS, The Toolkit, works in all web browsers, The Toolkit performs its best in Firefox as this is the browser we built it in. It’s hard to say why we chose to build The Toolkit in Firefox, but it may simply be due to Firefox being the most popular browser at the time.

Jumping back onto the age of browsers, Support Team members Megan, Will and Adam, Project Manager Natasha and Junior Web Developer Tom are all younger than Internet Explorer, while Senior Web Developer, Jamie remembers using CompuServe on dial-up internet in the 90s! Now that Internet Explorer is being replaced with Microsoft Edge, it's the end of an era and the beginning of something new!

*Figures are rounded for the purpose of the chart, data collected from W3 Schools