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When it comes to editing images for your website, or making social media posts look attractive and intriguing, there are a number of tools you can use without having to go looking for a graphic designer.

There are plenty of tools that are free to use, or cost a small subscription that can be the difference between amateur looking graphics/ images and professional ones.

There are also a number of tools that give you access to free fonts, images that you can use and more. Take a look at our top resources that we recommend below:

Social Media graphics:

Canva is a brilliant tool when it comes to creating eye catching facebook, instagram or twitter images to post on your timeline. They also have layouts for creating your social media branding, designing posters and leaflets and more.

Canva has free options as well as some extra items that do cost extra, a couple of dollars a piece. It's simple and easy to use, and you can download and save the graphics you make in high resolution format.

Photo Editing:

PicMonkey has a lot of tools where you can edit your images. Whether you need to resize/ crop photos, touch them up, put them into a collage or layout, PicMonkey has all it's tools at your disposal. For free! There are premium features that you'll need an account to access, but again, the free tools are just as good as any.

Hover over effects for your website:

If you want your website to have a bit of interactivity, there is a brilliant cheat sheet for hover effects at Hover.css. You can simply copy and paste the code, and voila. You have some cool hover effects on your websites buttons and/or images!

Button Styles:

Stuck for ideas on how to make your call to action buttons look more appealing? Look no further. This wonderful cheat sheet provides the code for making your buttons look pretty cool! Buttons offers pages of different styles, and colours for you to use free of charge.

Free graphics or templates

If you wanted to put your logo inside an image of a laptop, or something similar Graphic Burger have a number of image templates you can modify as you wish.

Free stock images

If you want to find free images to use for your website and/or social media platforms, Free digital photos has a selection you can choose from and use for free!

Colour Schemes

Want to see what colour schemes work and those that don't? Use coolors to play around with colour palettes and schemes to see which you prefer. Your web designer can always take a look at the colour swatches you come up with and incorporate them into your web design.


Bored of Arial or Times New Roman? We are. That's where Google fonts come in. Free to use, and web safe too! There are millions to choose from.


Want free icons to use as graphics on your website? This flaticon website has millions to choose from to down load for free and use as you wish.