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The best of wearable tech 2016

To follow on this weeks health and well-being theme, this blog discusses 2016's wearable tech. With more and more products becoming available on the market, from the fitbit to the apple watch... it's hard to know what would best suit you.

We've together a top 5 of the best smart-watches out there currently in our opinion.

5. Pebble Time Steel

There are two type of smart watch around at the moment: Those with a colourful touch-screen like would find on your phone, and those which combine a regular analogue watch with smart features.

RRP: £179 inc VAT
Buy from Amazon for £99.00

"The Pebble Steel may not have a high-res and colourful screen and the square design may not be for everyone, but we think it's stylish and the display has a retro charm which also provides excellent battery life. A good alternative to Android Wear if that's not your cup of tea."

4.  Apple Watch

RRP: From £259
Buy from Amazon for £295.00

"It takes a lot of getting used to, and at times it feels counter-intuitive, something we're not use to with Apple devices. Apple is going to learn a lot from this first generation smartwatch and from the customers and fans that are using it."

3. Motorola Moto 360 2

RRP: From £229 inc VAT
Buy from Amazon for £258.00

"The new 2nd-generation Moto 360 is a decent smartwatch offering excellent build quality and hardware. The value is good if you avoid the extras on the Moto Maker but they are hard to resist."

2. LG Watch R

RRP: £225 inc VAT
Buy from Amazon for £683.00

"It adds much needed style and class to the smartwatch and has an excellent round screen which doesn't have a section missing. It looks more like a traditional watch than most smart-watches meaning that it doesn't look necessary 'techie'."

1. Huawei Watch

RRP: £289 inc VAT
Buy from Amazon for £277.00

"Although it's pricy, the Huawei Watch is best Android Wear smartwatch on the market with its absolutely stunning design and exquisite build quality. There's still work to be done though as the watch lacks GPS, the heart rate monitor etc."