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Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now has now been in Southampton for several months now and it seems pretty good.

So what is Amazon Prime Now? 

This is a service that offers super fast delivery, with one hour delivery for £6.99 or two hour delivery for no extra charge. It allows Amazon Prime members to get a selection of items quicker. As you can imagine the range of products isn’t as extensive as on Amazon.co.uk but it still does offer a great range.

Amazon Prime Now launched its one-hour delivery service in the UK in the summer of 2015, starting in the capital London. It had already been successfully received in the US, being first available in New York at the end of 2014.

As well as the Surrey and Leeds areas, Amazon Prime Now is available in some regions in Hampshire, Berkshire and West Yorkshire. These include Camberley, Lightwater, Aldershot, Bradford, Wakefield and Huddersfield.

London was the first city to get the service, but areas of Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester are also covered.

You can find out whether you can get Amazon Prime Now deliveries in your home or work place by entering your postcode into Amazon's postcode checker here.

Amazon seems to be constantly expanding the services for its Amazon Prime members, they have access to hundreds of movies and TV series via Amazon Video, super fast delivery, the ability to order groceries through Amazon Prime now and have a day of deals just for their members, Prime Day – 12th July. Because of these expanding services more and more people are signing up for Amazon Prime, which is £80 a year, a lot more worth while then it was a couple of years ago.

Are you a Prime member? What do you think about Prime Now, something you would use? Let us know on twitter @ToolkitWebsites