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A Day in the life of the Social Media Team

We've just celebrated Social Media Day, so what better time to take a look at what the Social Media team do and how they go about it!

When the Social Media Team get into the office, they are always keen to take a look at the stats from the day before on Toolkit Websites social media platforms. We have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Blogger and LinkedIn.

Social Media is fast moving and ever changing. With new interfaces, new functionality and new content to be shared and curated every day, it's a full time job!

The main function of our Social Media accounts is to inform, support and interact with our target audience. Whether you are a client of ours or not, we want our content to be helpful, engaging and give you a good insight into the world of websites and what Toolkit Websites do as a business.

This means sharing information about services we provide, tips and advice for helping improve aspects of your website and sharing content and facts about SEO, Social Media, Website building and more. It's also a place where people can share their thoughts or ask any questions.

Because of this, the Social Media team need to make sure that they always have their finger on the pulse. Whether it's new information about items that relate to our industry, whether it's to inform people of our latest offers or promotions and sometimes it's just to give our followers an insight into who we are as people and what our team get up to day to day!

The team meet weekly for creative-thinking meetings, where we discuss ideas for the week ahead. Because Social Media is changeable and it moves so fast, it's impossible to guess what will be trending weeks in advance. We work on a week to week schedule to make sure it's fresh, up to date and engaging content that we use on all of our platforms.

As with any small to medium company, our Social Media accounts are there to bolster our marketing strategy, and to help gain traction among people who are not yet clients of ours. We are always exploring new platforms, and have recently been taking a look at the benefits of Instagram and Vimeo.

Below you can meet some of the team behind our Social Media Accounts, and see what they like best about Social Media and why!

Lanara Mitchell:
"Social Media is a great way for people to keep in touch. Whether it's friends or family, it's great to share memories and conversation online. For business, it's a brilliant tool. One that many underestimate. No matter what your business is, there is a high chance that there is a Social Media platform that will suit you and help with your marketing campaign.

Personally, I think Facebook & Twitter are the forerunners when it comes to business marketing. Facebook allows you to post and share engaging content, and even offers free functionality such as a shop, call now button and more.

Twitter is also brilliant, and because of it's reach means that future customers and clients can find you and take a look at what you are saying as a company. You can create online polls, create a hashtag of your own and generate a buzz about your brand. What's not to like?"

Megan Thompson:

"Personally, I love Social Media for its power to create togetherness. Friends and family members all over the world can be instantly be contacted at any time of day for absolutely no charge! Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram enable us to share thoughts/feelings, what we're up to, how we are doing etc. with all of our friends at once. Some may think that Social Media is making us more anti-social, taking us away from face-to-face social situations, but I'd disagree. I think Social Media's capability to help us stay in touch is amazing, especially with how busy our day to day lives are."

The best thing about Social Media? It's FUN and INTERACTIVE.