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Social Media Integration

When it comes to integrating your Social Media platforms, there are a number of ways of doing it. Some people simply add the icons for the Social Media accounts and link to them. Externally linking to your Facebook or Twitter page for example is great, but it could mean that you lose the attention of the person viewing your website and there is no guarantee that they will navigate back.

So what other options are there for integrating your Social Media accounts onto your website?

If you have your website with us at Toolkit Websites, we have a piece of functionality called the "Social Media Bar." This is a discreet and subtle bar that sits at the bottom of your website page, housing all of the icons for your social media platforms. When you click on each one, it brings up a feed for each of them, so people can browse your Facebook updates, tweets, Linkedin posts, Youtube videos and more, without leaving your website page.

You can see a screen shot of it in use below.

What other options are there?

You could use the widgets that most Social Media platforms provide to embed your Social Media accounts into your website pages. For example Instagram has an attractive Widget creator where you can select how it looks and works, on your website page. Just like the feeds mentioned above, these will also automatically refresh and update on your web page, whenever you post to your Social Media accounts.

See below an example of our Twitter feed embedded into the side bar of our blog.

Most Social Media platforms (and accounts such as Trip Advisor etc) have widgets where you can add like boxes, or functionality that shows your most recent testimonials on your web page. You can see an example below of one of your clients Trip Advisor Widgets.

These are great because people can access that information rapidly, whilst remaining on your website. People are also familiar with accounts like Trip Advisor, so it gives your website a genuine feel and is likely to make a customer/ client feel more trusting about your services and reputation.

There are also numerous share and follow buttons that you can add to your website, including Pinterest "pin" buttons allowing people to pin your website images to their Pinterest boards from your website!

However you integrate your website, you need to make sure it's easy to access, easy to share and prominent on your marketing and branding. People are naturally drawn to Social Media to find out how your company interacts with it's target audience, what online reviews you have, and more. It's the perfect tool to gain traction about your services, and to maintain a presence online.