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Social Media Day #SMDay

Mashable are the creators of this national day. Mashable first launched Social Media Day in 2010 to commemorate and celebrate the ways social media has changed our world, both big and small.

We LOVE Social Media. And the main reason is because it arms all of our clients with a FREE marketing tool to promote, gain traction and sell their products and services. Having a brilliant Social Media presence can do the world of good to your website and business campaign, and really, every business should be online!

We're celebrating at Toolkit Headquarters with a Social Media picnic. You name it, we'll have it. Cupcakes, sweets and biscuits. We're drooling just thinking about it. But what we're also doing today is offering a Special Offer on all of our Social Media products.

Whether you would like to have your social media accounts branded, or set-up, or if you simply want your Social Media accounts integrated onto your website for you, simply get in touch with us today and receive 20% off!*

Also, seeing as it's Social Media day, take a look at our tips and guides for using Business Accounts for your Social Media Platforms.

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*You must have a website account with us for any Social Media set-ups. Offer is valid on the 30th June 2016 only.