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National Pen Pal Day

Do you ever remember having a pen pal? Whether it was writing notes back and fourth to your friends at school, or a French exchange that you'd been encouraged to write to at school, we've all had a pen pal somewhere along the line. School work used to be hand written, with school books full to the brim with scrawled handwriting, and math equations. Our diaries and planners used to be filled in with pen to remind us of appointments or things we had to do. Lists of tasks and plans would be put together on a note pad, only to be lost when you most needed it.

Nowadays, technology has replaced much of the need for writing things down. Other than our signatures for transactions or signing contracts, we rarely hand write in our day to day lives. Computers, phones, tablets and more have replaced the need for a pen and paper and apps and tools such as digital calendars, to do list apps and more have taken it's place.

Today is National Pen Pal Day, which has inspired us to speak about the decline of hand writing.

Writer Kitty Burns Florey says the art of handwriting is declining so fast that ordinary, joined-up script may become as hard to read as a medieval manuscript.

How long ago did you write your last “proper” letter, using a pen and a sheet of writing paper? Are you among the increasing number of people, at work, who are switching completely from writing to typing?

As a Web Design Company, very little of what we do is on paper. Paperless is good for the environment after all! But there are moments where we'll take to a pad of paper to sketch out ideas, make notes or annotate. When it comes to hand writing, we are more used to seeing it in the way of fonts than written words on paper.

Fonts such as Dancing Script, Mark Script, Allura, Parisienne and more, are taking on the concept of handwriting in digital design.

We think keeping handwriting alive is a good idea, it's an art form! Typing has become a way of life, and actually means that the content you are writing is universally understood. If you have handwriting that is illegible, you're limiting the amount of people that can read and understand it anyway!

We have team members who often hand write at home in the evenings, as a way to unwind. Just like some people like to read books to relax. It will be interesting to see what handwriting looks like in the future, and perhaps the generations after us will liken our handwriting to that of the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

What do you think? Do you think handwriting is a dying art form? Get in touch with us on Twitter using the hashtag #deathofhandwriting.