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Examples of GREAT Social Media Marketing

It's 2016, and nowadays you'd find it very difficult to find a company that isn't using Social Media. In fact, if you came across a company these days that had no Social Media presence, you'd wonder why not and may even forget about it and move onto a company that does.

Social Media is where people go to see what the company is like. Have they got a cool voice? An edgy brand? Are they offering promotions and discounts exclusively on Social Media which can't be found anywhere else? Social Media is also the place you can go to see how a company interacts with it's customers, do they respond in good time and give helpful advice? Do they have good reviews and if not how do they handle that? Do they post relevant and useful information?

As a business owner it can be difficult to tell what social media platforms suits your business and which accounts you should sign up for. The best thing to do is take a look at what other brands are doing and how they are utilising social media to boost their marketing. You don't have to have every social media platform going. For example, if you don't have video content to share, there is no point having a youtube or vimeo account.

We've listed some examples below of different companies using different platforms so you can see how it could be done.

Oreo - On Twitter

Oreo know exactly how to market their product. With a quirky, modern and fun Twitter account, you can see animations, information on products or ideas on how to use their products and more on their feed. Keeping up with current affairs, and using puns and jokes in interaction with their target audience, Oreo manage to maintain over 814,000 Twitter followers and fans. You could take tips from them by: Joining in with funny or light hearted trends or topics.

@TEDTalks - On Youtube

TED talks has a video for any subject and topic you can think of. Simply take a look at topics you're interested in and the suggestions are there! TED talks opens up discussion about a range of issues and topics, which is why their Twitter account has more than two million followers! They also have a Youtube channel with recommended and extra content. Putting topics out there and encouraging engagement is a brilliant way of making sure your Social Media accounts are being interacted with, which is great for SEO on your website too. You could take tips from them by: Talking about industry related topics and putting your spin on them.

NASA - On Twitter

NASA don't bore people with long winded or scientific posts, they know how to work their target audience by posting intriguing content including photos and video from it's Rover, brilliant jokes and puns that will tickle those budding scientists among us, and of course they keep us up to date with Tim Peake's movements and news.  With over 16.4 million people following their Twitter feed, it's no surprise that their posts get brilliant engagement. You could take tips from them by: Giving people a behind-the-scenes special. Give them access to areas of the business that aren't usually seen, and appeal to your target audience.

Starbucks - On Instagram

Starbucks has real success with Instagram marketing because of the variety of posts they add to the picture app. It's not all about pictures of coffee, they use clever features for seasonal products, they share pictures their users have posted which relate to their brand and they are always making great use of hashtags to remain on trend and relevant. You could take tips from them by: Taking artistic photos that are relevant to your business, and sharing them with your followers. Got a product that people love? Get them to Insta themselves with it, using a hashtag you have created to spread the word.

Airbnb - On Vine and Youtube

Airbnb made a short film made entirely of Vine videos for the Sundance festival. It is spliced together from multiple six-second videos, some created by its users from instructions given out on Twitter. You could take tips from them by: Getting your target audience to get involved and send material that you could use on social media. Think of an idea for a video that could potentially go viral!

Toolkit Websites - On Facebook

We have to take this opportunity to self promote, right? Well we think our Facebook page ties in really well with our other Social Media accounts. We have a topic a day, which is then discussed further on our Twitter, Google Plus and even here on our Blog. We like to engage clients in discussion with different topics that relate to our industry, give them behind the scenes sneak peeks, exclusive deals and of course an insight into our products and offerings. You could take tips from us by: Finding topics you like to write about and sharing them with your target audience. Creating guides to certain services you offer or advice and sharing interesting articles and content.

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