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How to gain more followers on Social Media

So you've set up Social Media accounts for your business. Now what? You need to gain some traction, get your word out there and begin the marketing process.

What's great about Social Media is that it's a free tool to engage with possible customers or clients, and a brilliant way to represent your business online. You can use Social Media platforms to branch off from your website and explore topics in more further, advertise offers and services you supply and more.

Google like seeing new content. And they like to see businesses engaging in conversation and discussion on line with their target audience. So how exactly do you go about getting people to follow your accounts?

There is no simple way or cheat sheet. It will take time and you will need to work at it. But if you keep in mind the tips below, you'll be racking up followers before you know it.

1. Put social share buttons on your website. Whether you integrate your social media onto your website in the form of a feed, a button to click or something else, make sure it's accessible and easy for people to get to.

2. Post original, relevant content. Yes this does mean you have to put your creative hat on and start thinking about topics of interest related to your business or industry. Sharing other people's content should also be a part of your strategy, but make sure you do your research and see that all content you share is true to your brand and your ethos.

3. Every once in a while, use your email marketing to remind people to follow, like or take to your Social Media platforms for discussion, engagement and information. Drive people to your social media channels.

4. Get analytics for your Social Media accounts. See what was popular and what wasn't. Check what time of day you get the most engagement or what nets most likes. Do your research and gage your audiences response.

5. Respond to any questions, comments or complaints you get quickly and efficiently. Be refreshingly honest and diligent. Check your Social Media accounts regularly.

6. Hold a competition every now and then. People love freebies. This will not only net you more followers but give you a chance to get to know your client base.

7. Follow other people. And more than likely, you'll get a follow back!

8. Reach out to influencers. Share their content, let them know that you're interested in a topic they're discussing, join in conversation about things related to your industry. Get noticed!

9. Use relevant hashtags.

10. Post often. Twitter requires at least a tweet every hour or so. Facebook can be a post or two a day. Work out what works for you and if need be, use the schedule system to queue posts.

11. Invite guest bloggers or guest blog for other people.

12. Try Facebook's promoted posts. Extend your reach with posts that have a high engagement already.

13. Use humour or a light style, depending on your brand and company ethos. Appeal to your target audience.

14. Include Social Media in your offline marketing. Get a QR code and have them scan your code to take them to your Social Media accounts.

15. Optimise your Social Media accounts. Make sure the information is up to date and relevant. Make sure all your accounts match and are consistent.

16. Make it easy for people to share your content. Don't have private pages or content that is hard to share. Sharing buttons on blogs for example, are are great way of allowing people to share your content to their Social Media Platforms.

There are plenty of other tips and tools you can use. The best tip of all is to work hard at it, learn from it and use Analytics's to track your successes and failures.