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A website build: Case Study

When it comes to building your website with a Web Design Company, it's a very different experience to purchasing an item off the shelf in a shop. Instead of making payment and having the product handed to you, you are entering a partnership and collaboration. Each project combines the skills and talent of the Web Designer, and the knowledge and experience of the Business owner. These two halves come together and create the end result... a completed website.

Sadly not all web design projects are as straightforward as picking something off a shelf, design is subjective after all! But to tackle that, at Toolkit Websites we provide an unlimited design change policy. We will work with you on your project, until you are 100% happy with it. Yes, it does sound daunting! Endless possibilities and numerous ideas and inspirations can be overwhelming, but that's what we're here for. We'll steer you through the process, taking things one step and a time, in order to to finish with an end result both parties can be proud of.

To give you an example of how a project can go, we've provided a case study below on Hawkeye Recruitment.

Stage 1. The Logo:

If you don't already have logo branding that you use for your business, like Hawkeye Recruitment did, we have a logo design service where we can create your logo for you. Again, we provide unlimited design changes until we've got it looking exactly how you would like. Once the process is complete, we provide the high-resolution file formats for all of your professional printing purposes and needs.

Your logo is incredibly important. It's what forms the branding of your website and needs to be able to register with someone viewing your website. Your logo needs to be memorable, striking and a strong representation of your business.

Stage 2. The First Draft:

Once you have had your Welcome call with your dedicated Project Manager, they will set to work creating a website design based on the conversation you've had and the brief you have given. Depending on whether you have a clear idea on what you want, or whether you're open to suggestions, will determine whether they focus on creating a demo site for you as a functioning web page, or create mock up designs for you to consider.

Below you can see two mock up designs that Senior Project Manager, Lanara, put together for the client to consider. 

From here on in, you are in the design stage. Starting with the home page, your Project Manager will work with you on honing the home page until you're happy with it. This includes the overall colour scheme, layout, imagery, font and more.

Stage 3. Confirming the Design:

Once you're happy with the layout, and the content that you have provided is working well within the home page design, you sign off on the design stage and it's time to move onto the content stage.

Below is a screen snap of how the home page ended up once the design process was complete. You can see that the yellow from the logo was injected into the design and the images altered and changed. The client worked closely with Lanara, perfecting the layout, selecting images that reflected their business and perfecting alignment and wording. 

Stage 4. The Content:

If you already have your content sorted, and sent it through prior to the content stage, chances are it would have already been added ready for this stage. If not, you would need to provide your content (preferably in MS Word documents for each page) so it's clear what content is going where. Having an idea of your site map is pretty important too.

Although we do not provide a copy writing service, we can offer suggestions, advice and spot typos where possible! We also have a brilliant third party company that we recommend and have worked with on numerous projects together.

See Toolkit's guide to Copywriting
See Toolkit's guide to Dropbox

The Project Manager along with the design and content team, will create and build the internal pages, using the same design elements from the home page. The design stays consistent throughout, but the content dictates the layout and style of the internal pages, as well as having differing images throughout. We have a stock library that you can browse if you don't have suitable images of your own and of course if you do have images of your own and they need slight alterations such as brightening etc, we have our Photoshop Skills on hand for that also.

When it comes to sending images, you can sign up for a free Dropbox account rather than attaching images to an email. This way it's simpler for you, and it's a place that we can access the images from as and when necessary. Dropbox also allows you to sort your images into folders, which is also useful if you have a number of images to showcase.

Pictured here is a screen snap of two of the panels on an internal page. Each page has different panels for various information, parallax scrolling images and content laid out into boxes or lists to make it less "blocky." The client amended their content to fit the layout on some occasions, for the uniformity to be consistent throughout the site.

Stage 5. The Extra Bits:

During the process of the build, there are a number of other things that will be happening. The setting up of your domain and emails which is handled by the Technical Team. The setting up of any Social Media Accounts you wanted, and Search Engine Optimisation Tools such as Analytics and Google My Business.* We can advise and suggest ways in which you can improve on your SEO, and we always build every website with Web Standards in mind and Google's Mobile-Friendly test.

There are numerous things that could be included in your website project from Private Login Areas, to Enquiry/Quote Forms. You may require a third party live chat facility, or E-commerce PayPal buttons.* Whatever it is you need, we are on hand to assist, help and advise where possible.

We offer a number of additional services, and you can lean on your Project Manager for any questions or queries you may have!

Hawkeye Recruitment said of the process: "We are completely satisfied with the service received! Customer Service, flexibility and reliability are all given five stars! What is great Toolkit Websites is the consistent communication between project managers and their customers, and admirable understanding of what we need, bringing this to life to reflect exactly what we wanted! This makes for top-quality service worthy of praise. For this reason will certainly use Toolkit websites for other smaller/upcoming project websites, and will spread the word about the impeccable service!"

Stage 6. Publishing & Testing

The website was published on the 35th day of the build** and the client kindly awarded us 5 stars out of a possible 5.

The website was tested to make sure the responsive nature worked well on all devices and browsers, before the website was officially launched. The website passed Google's mobile-friendly test with flying colours. 

If you like the sound of the above, why not get in touch and have a chat with our New Business Team about your requirements and ideas? We'd love to hear from you. 

*Subject to your brief, and agreed upon quote with the New Business Team. 
** On average, website projects can be delivered in 4 weeks. This is dependent on the size of the website, and level of requirements. We take on board your specified deadline if you have one and work within a timeline agreed upon in the Welcome Call.