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Website of the Week: Xtreme Nerf Combat

This week's website of the week goes to Xtreme Nerf Combat. Xtreme Nerf Combat was created by two Ex-Military Veterans with a drive to build something different, fun and exciting. Their passion is to get kids active, engaged, meeting other kids and away from the games consoles.

Senior Project Manager Lanara, began firstly by creating a full background image home page design, based on the flyers and other branding the company already had. The theme included camouflage and forest landscapes as the background style, along with the punchy red and yellow colouring from the logo.

The home page features a number of panels from the introduction, image bullet points to cover what services they provide, a testimonials scroller and a call to action panel for signing up to the newsletter and getting in touch.

The internal pages feature the same style of imagery and layout, but with different imagery to populate the page and make it relevant to the content. The client uses youtube videos to show what they provide which is a brilliant marketing tactic. People love to sit back and watch a video.

To make sure that the website is gender neutral and appeals to both men and women as well as girls and boys, the colours don't favour either and the images feature a mixture of both. The Nerf Gallery features a variety of different action shots to show people the types of event that Xtreme can put on, and for all ages and sexes.

The website works in the same was as a brochure or flyer would, providing an outline of services, examples of projects worked on and completed and contact information for those that are interested in getting in touch.

The contact form is also camouflage in style, and is easy for people to fill out a brief enquiry about what they are looking for.