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Website Of The Week: Vintage Cars Ltd

This week's website of the week goes to Vintage Cars Ltd. Vintage Cars Ltd are specialists in the recreation and restoration of classic and vintage bodywork.

Senior Project Manager Andy, began firstly by creating a full width panel website design, using the responsive platform. The home page features a neutral colour scheme with a neutral white, and the images take pride of place as a slide show at the top, and panels lower down the page.

The website works as a place for people to take a look at the examples of work Vintage Cars Ltd have done and what they are currently working on. The images on the home page are laid out in a collage style grid, which is easy to follow, and is inspired by the Pinterest pinboard style layout.

The internal pages are minimal, and simplified, using only the white background so that the content is easy to read and easy to navigate. Each page is accessible via the menu bar, with no hidden links within pages. It's a clean and concise navigation.

The contact page features a Google map, which is interactive meaning that tablet and phone users can click on it to work as GPS. Desktop users can explore the map and location.

The testimonials page is a great idea, due to reviews being the first port of call for many clients before hiring the services from a company.

The gallery features the clients own, well taken photos, which is always a must have when showing potential clients or customers your product!

Senior Project Manager Andy created the website on our responsive platform meaning that it passes Google's Mobile Friendly test with flying colours.

The client kindly awarded Toolkit Websites 5 out of a possible 5 stars.