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Website of the Week: Status Construction

This week's website of the week goes to Status Construction. Status Construction is a modern and dynamic company generated by a drive to improve and innovate new/existing systems, designs & constructs.

Senior Project Manager Lanara, began firstly by creating a full width panel website design, using the responsive platform. The home page takes the colour scheme from the clients existing logo, as well as a vibrant orange accent colour to make the page eye catching. The website features parallax scrolling, where the images are fixed and the content scrolls over it. This is a modern functionality which means the website is professional and on trend.

The website works as a place for people to take a look at the examples of work and services that Status Construction provide. The internal pages are a slightly more minimal layout, in order for the text to take centre stage. Each page has it's own full width panel image, relating to the topic of the page, also in a parallax method.

The services page has a drop down from the menu, so that you can select the service you are most interested in, and read about it in more detail. The contact page features details and a quick form to get in touch with the company, so that you can discuss your requirements in more detail.

The contact page features a Google map, which is interactive meaning that tablet and phone users can click on it to work as GPS. Desktop users can explore the map and location.

Every page has a call to action at the bottom, diverting the user to the contact page, in order to get in touch. With easy to use navigation, and the pages being laid out neatly, this website is a joy to look through.

Senior Project Manager Lanara created the website on our responsive platform meaning that it passes Google's Mobile Friendly test with flying colours.

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