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Mobile scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts. Fun right? Well this Easter you can take them digital!

Mobile scavenger hunts are a fun way to get people to help promote your company and campaign. For example, you could be attending a big Expo in London and they could have a scavenger hunt app, once you download it your first challenge is to take a picture of you entering the event and then share it on Facebook or Twitter. The next challenge is to Tweet out where you are and retweet a tweet from the event organisers. Then the final challenge is to find someone at the event and ask him or her a specific question and submit the answer to the app. Once you have completed all the challenges you get a reward, such as a bag of goodies you can pick up at the event. Having the app helps spread the word about the event and rewards users for helping with that. Having an incentive for people to get involved is the key to making a campaign go viral!

The app gets users to use their surrounding to complete the challenges, bringing a game on your phone into the real world. There are lots of different apps that use the real world in conjunction with the mobile game such as Fog of World and Zombie Run. Fog of The World tracks you gps location and shows you everywhere you have been, so with the more you travel the more of the world you unlock and receive achievements accordingly. Another app called Zombie Run is based on normal running tracking app, the more you run the more unlocks you get for the game within the app. Whilst you are running at random times you will be “chased by zombies” which encourages you to run faster for a short period of time.

Apps that use the real world are becoming more common and are very popular amongst users. Another great example is Pokémon Go. Based on the extremely popular game Pokémon an app is being developed where the app directs you to locations in the real world where you can go and point your phone at the location and the Pokémon will be there. As you explore the different locations you can catch the Pokémon as you go. So it’s almost just a huge scavenger hunt.

Do you use any apps that use the real world? Would you use a scavenger hunt app to organise an Easter egg hunt this weekend.

Senior Project Manager Lanara is giving her annual family Easter Egg hunt a digital make over this year, by using the app Goose Chase. Simply create a scavenger hunt on the website and then get your family and friends to login to the hunt on their smartphones, and let the games commence!

Let us know how your scavenger hunts go this weekend. #ToolkitEaster