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How has technology made an impact on our lives?

Many of us have become very dependent on technology as it plays a very important role in our daily lives. Without technology for example, our industry wouldn't exist, let alone our business! We have much to be thankful for when it comes to technology in a number of ways.

How has technology impacted our day to day lives?

We are able to socialise and catch up with friends, family and colleagues online. Social Media networks join us together in a virtual reality meaning that phone calls, letter and face-to-face meetings are no longer the only options. Business meetings can be held on Skype, support calls can be replaced with video-guides and documents can be signed on the dotted line.. via email.

When it comes to things we do in our day to day life, technology has definitely taken over a number of tasks that used to be errands you'd run on a weekend. For example, a trip to the bank has been replaced with mobile banking. The grocery shopping can now be done on your supermarkets website. You can order in pretty much anything you can imagine.

How has technology been a positive impact? 

It saves time. It makes accessing information or guidance simple and quicker. You don't have to wait for your doctors opening hours, because you can fill out your patient application online or book an appointment using an automated phone line. You don't have to post off a cheque to the gas or electricity company, you can do that online or over the phone too.

It opens up brilliant business connections that wouldn't have existed before. You can have clients from all over the world and keep in touch via phone, email and conference video. There is technology in place that means you can run a business smoothly and professionally without having to be client facing. You can create a business online. You can create a presence for your business, market it, get traction from potential clients and customers all online.

You can use modern technology to find your way somewhere, using Google maps for directions. You can use your phone as a flash light to find the keyhole in the door, you can read all of your favourite books and magazine publications on your preferred device. There are a multitude of things at your fingertips, and you don't have to wait. You can have it now!

How has technology been a negative impact? 

Some say technology has meant that people have lost interpersonal skills. Groups of friends get together only to spend their time on their phones. Some studies have looked into how people prefer living in a virtual reality than the real world.

Technology has opened up a risk of scams and viruses. It's invented cyber bullying and 'trolling' online. There are a number of security risks it has brought into modern day life for people to be aware of.

The rise in internet addiction has risen over the years, with young children having a tablet or phone of their own at the age of 7 or younger. This in turn can lead to less exercise and interests in hobbies.

Social media sites are also cited as the most common reason for separation in marriages also. With social media connecting so many people together, and being able to keep in touch and be in contact regularly without much effort.

A Conclusion:

As with anything, technology is a great thing in moderation. It is a brilliant tool. Whether it's for information, networking, organising or other, it's revolutionised the way we live day to day life.

How has technology changed your life?

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