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Hints and tips for your company’s Social Media.

Social media is a huge part of day to day life for millions people, so applying Social Media etiquette to your business profiles is going to be the most triumphant way for your business to succeed online. There is an extremely long list of hints and tips on how to master the best behaviour on social media, but we’ve covered some of the most important do's and don’ts so that you can get your social media etiquette journey started.

First of all, you’re going to need a Social Media profile to succeed online. In fact, create as many as you can! Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube are all completely free to use. From the web design point of view this is a brilliant, cost-free method of increasing your website’s SEO. Search Engines love social media integration within your site – especially if you use Google’s own services like Google+ and Blogger. Search Engines will reward you for integrating social media onto your site, thus increasing the success of your SEO.

Keeping on the SEO side of things, Search Engines rank based not only on your number of likes/followers, but on your level of amplification and engagement. Engagement shows Google that you are invested in your business, whether it be for customer service or offering support on your products. Engagement also shows your followers this exact same thing – you, as a company, are devoted to customer care online. Don’t neglect your social media profiles, use them to your advantage!

“You are what your tweet”.  

Social media profiles may be your first point of contact with the public community and potential customers, so make sure that your posts/shares/retweets are interesting, relevant to your field, not offensive and certainly not rude! Always ensure that you’re not using poor grammar and spelling. Nothing says unprofessional like misspelled words and punctuation errors.

Don’t overload on hashtags. With Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr all using hashtags now, it has become really easy to categorise your posts with others containing similar content, or related to a similar field. People can click on a hashtag for example "#webdesign" and will be able to view a feed of tweets using that exact hash tag or keyword. Beware though, it can be off-putting seeing  #hashtags #in #every #word #of #your #post.

Using tools that automatically create posts across all of your social media profiles are great! They save time and energy every day. Although you must be aware that for the best social media etiquette, you should alter your posts/content depending on which social media platform you are posting on. For example, posting around 10 tweets a day is normal for twitter, but submitting 10 posts a day to Facebook is a no-go. As well as adapting the number of posts per platform, you should also alter the content of your posts for each platform. Think about the use of images, how long your posts are and the text they contain.

Monitor the progress of your social media profiles using social media analytics. These are tools which practice the gathering of data from blogs and social media sites. Their features include tracking your progress, for example, trends in the audience growth, engagement over time and the geographical location of the audience. The benefit is learning what you’re doing right with social media and where you’re going wrong. You can then adapt your social media and blog habits to increase the number of likes, visitors, retweets and followers.

Finally, should you follow your competitors on Twitter? The answer is yes. It is so important to monitor your competitor’s social media because you’ll be able to learn the competitor’s marketing strategies. By understanding the competition, you can set yourself apart by making your brand unique to you, but making sure that anything your competitors are doing that gets a positive reaction, you work into your Social Media campaigns too! Mimicking an idea a successful competitor has done will do absolutely no harm – just don’t copy their posts like for like and put your own spin on it.

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