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Logo Branding and Why It's Important

Every company needs a logo. In fact, your logo is one of the most important and essential parts of your business, especially when it comes to your marketing campaign. Whether you have it emblazoned on business cards, the side of your vehicles, on all of your products, on a plaque outside your property, on your letterheads and invoices, your website and more... it's the one thing that people are going to remember and become familiar with when it comes to your business' brand.

Having a unique and high quality logo is integral. They are the primary visual aspect of a business and of your brand. It's the first impression people have of your business and it's what you hope they will remember about your business too. If you care about your image, your logo needs to reflect that.

A logo is not only about your brand but it's about people being able to pinpoint what it is you do, from visual imagery. Your logo can be clever, with hidden meanings or a brilliant icon. The font you choose is indicative of your brands 'personality.' A clear logo is usually one that is simple yet professional. You may personally like handwriting fonts with a strong artistic feel, but would that suit a corporate business such as a Lawyers Firm? It's important that you get it right, and spend time on crafting the perfect branding for your business.

The most successful logos out there are understated and simple, yet have taken days or weeks of thought and prototypes. When you come to Toolkit Websites for a logo design, we know that it's important to get it right. And that's why we stick to our unlimited design policy. We usually start off by creating up to 6 different designs all using different ideas, themes, fonts, colours. That way you can cross off the styles you definitely don't want and start working on ideas that you'd like to explore. It's a creative process, and it should be fun! But you should always have the end result in mind. It needs to clearly represent your brand, say exactly what you need it to say and make an impression on potential clients or customers.

If you would rather keep things simple with a text based logo, and focus more on the font rather than an icon, you can take a look through hundreds of Google Fonts options, from serif, display to handwriting fonts for you to choose from.

Why not contact us today about your logo design project? We look forward to hearing from you.