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All you need is love...

Passionate support team member Megan, has Valentine's on her mind... Here are her tips to make it extra special: 

"Valentine’s Day is almost upon us this year! Here at Toolkit Websites, we love creativity and design so we’ve put together some sweet crafty DIY ideas you can treat your loved ones to this Valentine’s Day.

First of all, decorations. Creating a Valentine’s themed bunting is sweet, easy and looks the absolute part on February 14th. The only tools you really need to source are red (plain or patterned) paper, a pair of scissors and some string! You can then cut out your hearts, attach them to the string and display your creation anywhere you like. Adding some balloons, candles, banners and flowers to your display will really surprise that special someone on Sunday morning!

For those who enjoy being in the kitchen, there is a huge range of sweet and savoury food to be enjoyed this Valentine’s Day. For a sugary treat, chocolate brownies are a huge yes. Whether you buy a brownie mix or weigh out your ingredients from scratch, heart shaped chocolate brownies are sure to show your loved one just how much they mean to you. For a more themed effect, you could sprinkle on some small red heart shaped chocolate drops or serve your brownies with a couple of strawberries. If your valentine doesn’t have such a sweet tooth, why not wake them up on Sunday morning with a breakfast, created only in the shape of hearts! 

Creating a ‘reasons I love you’ jar is a sure way to put a smile on your valentine’s face. Simply wash out an old glass jar and fill with tiny multi-coloured pieces of paper or card each containing one simple reason for the admiration of your loved one. You can then decorate the jar with ribbons, felt hearts and other decorative items so it can be put on display.

For a piece of romantic memorabilia, design and create a homemade valentine’s card for your partner. For a really personalised card you could include some of your favourite photos, lots of cute decorations and some meaningful text. Creating cards needn’t be expensive or tricky. A piece coloured card and a few decorative extras – such as different coloured or patterned card, buttons and felt tip pens – are all you need, along with some glue or tape and an envelope.

A personalised photo frame is definitely something money can’t buy. By revamping a plain photo frame, you are creating a treasure which is sure to be kept for a life time. Spray painting the photo frame and adding decorative patterns, felt hearts, bows and buttons really adds sentimental value to a photo frame. For finishing touches, don’t forget to put the best photo of you and your valentine inside!

For an extra special gift this Valentine’s Day, you could create a scrapbook containing your favourite memories. Create pages around memorable events and fill them with photos, letters, tickets, receipts and any other small item that represents a memory. Decorate your scrapbook with all the things your valentine loves as well as the lovey-dovey decorations to show that you really have been thinking of them. If this doesn’t show your loved one how much they mean to you, we don’t know what will!

When it comes to DIY gifts, you can go as big or as small as you like with regard to creativity and personalisation! You know your valentine the best, so when being crafty really bear that special someone in mind."