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A day in the life of: A Senior Project Manager

When Senior Project Manager Andy gets into the office, he is almost always clutching a Starbucks Latte in his hand, ready to charge ahead with the day. Coffee is one of the fuels our project managers run on, the others include excellent organisation, creative energy and a real need for perfection! Senior Project Manager Lanara starts her day with a swift bowl of Weetabix, before sitting down to take a look at the day ahead. Both check their diary for the appointments they will have that day, and both make sure they are prepared and have everything they need for each one.

A Project Manager has appointment slots starting at 10am in the morning, until 5pm at night. Appointment slots range from 15, 30, 45 to 60 minutes long depending on the clients needs and requirements. Depending on what stage of the build the project is at, will depend on how much discussion is needed in each call. In-between each appointment, the project managers tackle emails, are constantly tweaking and fixing things, delegating work to the design and content team, as well as liaising with the developers, support team and the technical team. Each day is full and bursting at the seams, and they wouldn't have it any other way!

Every success is celebrated. Every challenge is accepted. And most importantly, every project is approached with a different view point depending on the industry, the clients needs and of course the publication deadline.

The project managers have completely different takes on their role. Andy has a very technical mind. With a degree in Web Design he can delve into the code and suss out an issue or a problem in minutes. Lanara's strengths lie in her organisational skills, social media knowledge and ability to type very, very fast. (Trust us, we tested the speed!) Both of them have different degrees and both approach a project in different ways but yield the same results. Professional, eye-catching and well developed web designs that stand pride of place in our portfolio.

At lunch time, you will often find Lanara taking a look at the latest news via Social Media and sussing out the latest designs and trends. She likes to be ahead of the game and have her finger on the pulse. Sometimes she'll have a sugar-free redbull on stand-by, if she knows that the afternoon ahead is going to be busy! Andy makes sure he nips out for fresh air during his break, and often restocks on his coffee! Personally, we think he should buy shares in Starbucks and have done with it ;)

Because the project managers are client facing, they are well adapted at sorting queries or discussing design and content over the phone or via email. Adapting their time and their approach to each project to align with the client is something they have fine tuned over time. Every project is different, just like the clients themselves. Some clients need more guidance than others, depending on their technical ability, but to the project managers it doesn't matter. They are happy to help whenever required.

From briefing up new designs, to making design changes themselves, the project managers are very involved in the building of each website design project. At the end of the day, they are responsible for the smooth running and coming together of each website design. They are proud to associate themselves with each finished project. Every team member plays their part, and there is nothing the project managers love more, than a project that comes together perfectly.

That's not to say there aren't ever bumps in the road. Design is subjective, and they will work on numerous design ideas or tweaks until they get it 100% right. They are honest and refreshing in their approach and are happy to keep the clients up to date with any developments or changes within the project time line.

At the end of the day, you'll often find Andy burning the midnight oil to get final tweaks and changes complete before going home for the night. It's the perfectionist in him that won't settle for a job half done. Lanara likes to have everything in order before she goes home, and you will often find her straightening things on her desk so that everything is 'just-so' before she heads home... ready to do it all over again the next day!