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A day in the life of: The client delivery project manager

When Project Manager Natasha gets into the office, she is always armed for snacks to get her through the day. Whether it's crepes, sour sweets or moreish packets of crisps, she is the person to go to if you're feeling peckish! Natasha deserves all the snacks in the office, because without her our live clients wouldn't be getting the spectacular redesigns that she is in charge of managing.

Before she starts her day, mirroring the Senior Project Managers, Natasha takes a look at the day ahead and makes sure that she has everything she needs for the appointments lined up that day. A lot of her role involves putting web pages together that have been built by our Design Team, and that need tweaking, updating or assembling with code and bug fixes.

Natasha's role revolves around clients who have an existing website, but want to make changes to it or redesign it completely. Her skillset is in taking an existing site and improving, bettering and modifying it to the clients requirements. Whether they are looking to rebrand, to simply modernise or to make their website responsive, Natasha is their port of call.

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Natasha's strengths lie in managing numerous tasks at one time and always keeping her projects up to date. She is on hand to speak to her clients through any questions or queries they may have, and to assist them in reaching the end result that they have in mind. Unlike the Senior Project Manager's who tend to work on a project with a blank canvas, Natasha must work with what she is given and be creative with coming up with new ideas and solutions.

At lunchtime, Natasha likes to escape from the buzz of the office, and pop her headphones in and catch up with her latest Netflix series. Having that time to immerse yourself in a different activity is a brilliant way to break up the day and means that you come back from your lunch break ready to get straight back into it. Natasha has a strong interest in video media, and is often found browsing Youtube and watching Vlogs. Her lunch almost always consists of a bowl of rice with chicken, which makes everyone else's stomachs rumble with hunger!

Her afternoon is set out in installments, where she will dedicate an amount of time to each task she has outstanding in order to complete it. She is often liaising with the design, content and development team to iron out any bugs, any design tweaks and page layouts. When she isn't on the phone, she is immersed in the pages of a project, updating and tweaking it.

At the end of the day, Natasha spends time prioritising work for the website design and content team ready for the next day. Once everything is in order, she'll bid her colleagues good night and scurry home ready for an evening of relaxation. Who doesn't love to put their feet up at the end of the working day?