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Website of the Week: Julie Kendrick

This week's website of the week goes to Julie Kendrick. Julie specialises in hair and make up, for the theatre, movie and TV industry. With some huge names on her list, such as HBO's Game of Thrones, Poirot and Les Miserables, Julie has professionalism down to a tee.

Senior Project Manager Lanara, began firstly by creating a full background image website, using the hi-res images that the client provided. Keeping the font simple and the colour scheme minimal, the website oozes elegance and is a high end looking result.

The website works as an online CV for Julie, to show case her quaifications and experence, as well as sharing details on what she has worked on and examples of her work.

The main aim of the website is to be a place for people to find out more information and if they wish to work with Julie, they can simply get in touch via the contact page.

The gallery features a number of thumbnails, that when clicked on, expand to show the original image. Very important when the images represent your work.

Senior Project Manager Lanara made sure that each page followed Julie's brand guidelines. This included opting for lower case letters throughout the site. This stylistic choice makes the website look softer and adds a unique touch.

The home page is where most people make a first impression about your business. This is particularly important for Julie as she IS the face of her business! We made sure the home page made a statement by selecting brilliant imagery, and slotting them together to flow together. The gallery thumbnails on the home page offer an insight into the work Julie has done, and have a hover over effect on each.

The client was incredibly happy with the end result and kindly awarded us 5 stars out of a possible 5.

"I've been incredibly happy with all work carried out and the help. You all literally get back to me within if not a few hours then a day."

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