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Toolkit Websites unveil new website redesign

Before                                                                                                       After

Yes, we have a new website! We've taken our own advice, and redesigned our website. You may recall a blog post we published a while back titled "How often should you redesign your website?"

One of the reasons we gave for needing a redesign was that:

"It might be that your website is outdated. In the web design industry, trends come and go. New functionality is introduced and improvements are made to the platform. At this moment in time, full width panel websites, with parallax scrolling are 'in'." 

Now that responsive design is becoming the standard for web design, we took it upon ourselves to redesign our website and migrate from our mobile platform to our responsive platform. Now, the website resizes to any device, thus replacing the need for a dedicated 'mobile version'. What is the difference? Take a look here. 

We've also gone for a much cleaner, modern looking design. We've steered away from the slide show, we've favoured flat design styled graphics, and we've reduced our content and cleaned up the layouts.  We've stopped worrying about 'the fold' as should you! And the website pages are now panelled layouts with more scroll which is now the norm.

Did you want to take a look at our portfolio page? Find out what other people have done to overhaul their website design.