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Health Check Your Website

Why Should You Health Check Your Website?

When you complete a website project and go live, many people tend to leave their website be and expect visitors to flood to the page. This is a dangerous mindset to have, because like any good party, you must send out the invitations!

If you are a client of Toolkit Websites, you have a top class CMS (Content Management System) on your side. The Toolkit! Here you can update your website regularly, and implement brilliant SEO tactics that will help give you a boost.

One of the features our CMS has is a health check, which tells you what areas of your website need some attention. Whether you need to add page aliases, you need to integrate your social media accounts or you need to take advantage of Google's free tools for Analytics and XML site maps... it will tell you.

It's essential to perform regular health checks to make sure your website is operating at peak performance.Whether this is checking that your website displays correctly in different browsers and on different devices after you make any changes to the site. It could also mean keeping an eye on loading speeds and how the website handles heavy traffic.

Your web designer will have performed all these checks before your website went live, but it's integral that you keep on top of things post-publication.