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Website Redesign of the Week: Scotts Travel

This week's website of the week goes to the Scott's Travel redesign! Scott's Travel believe that "every holiday should be as unique as you are. Travel in style, take advantage of our expertise and relationships. Your dream holiday starts here at your World Wide luxury travel specialist."

Project Manager Natasha, began firstly by creating some mock up designs to put forward to the client after the initial welcome call. This call is all about opening the floor for ideas, asking questions and gaining insight into the business, how it works and the brand.

Because the client is already a client of ours, we had already created, built and put together the existing site pictured below. As you can see, trends in the design world move quickly, and so Scott's Travel came back to us to overhaul their image and bring the website up to date.

The website features a full width panel layout, with great imagery and well put together content. Each panel can be used as extra navigation to a particular page or topic. This means the home page becomes a "hub" for people to navigate to other pages from. The home page is the first impression, and with a design like this, it's a good one!

The bottom of the site features a call to action and beautifully designed contact form. This enables anyone to navigate through the home page, and make an enquiry if they wish to.

For a travel site, Scott's Travel have really utilised their website so that potential customers or clients have the best insight into what they do and what they can provide. In particular, the travel advice page, the Special Offers page and the testimonials page help immensely when it comes to checking the validity of the company and taking them up on their latest offers and deals.

The great thing about Scott's Travel is the personal touch they have applied to the site, with their history and team page. Having a little bit of information about each staff member and what their speciality is, is a really nice touch.

Scott's Travel were pleased with the project overall and said "You can't improve your service. It's excellent. The patience and entusiasm of the staff, the 'can do' attitude and the superb technical detail in every respect was great!" 

The client kindly awarded us 5 out of a possible 5 starts as a rating for the experience overall.