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Web Design Trends of 2015

Now that we're in December, we've been taking a look back at the top web design trends of 2015.

Go big or Go home...

The largest trend of 2015 has been making everything much BIGGER. This means large background images, large slide show images on the home page, or having a home page that consists of just a large image and a very small amount of text. Minimalism has definitely been the way forward this year, with the idea of a home page "setting the scene" for someone who has landed on it. You don't need to cram as much content as you can onto your first page, the idea is to ease someone in. They land on your page, and they know who you are. To find out what you do and where you are based, they can navigate to other pages to find out more information. Less is definitely more for this trend.

Just keeping Scrolling...

Parallax scrolling has been a hot trend of 2015. Gone are the days of people fussing over "what goes above the fold." We all know that that's just a term for newspapers and should not translate into the world of websites.

Parallax scrolling makes for an enjoyable and clean way of navigating through a website. One page websites have used this to create a more fluid, and moving page, rather than it feeling so static.

Flat Design

This trend is a throwback, making a return in the design world. Suddenly, flat design began popping up everywhere. Rather than imitating objects with skeuomorphic design (where an icon is created to look like it's real life object), flat design tries to convey the idea of the icon through a synthetic and fun visual.

Bye Bye Boxes

Gone are the days of websites having borders, or boxes. Now full width panels give websites a much more "open plan" feel to them, making it easier on the eye, and less strictly structured.

Responsive Design 

Mobile sites are great, but responsive design has completely taken over. Having your website scale to the device you are viewing it on is not only Google approved, but it makes for easy and enjoyable viewing.

Full width slide shows

Having full width static header images are really on trend this year. But full width slide shows are making a come back as well.

Collage style galleries

Having mix-matched images that slot together in tiles, in a collage format are a quirky and interesting layout for gallery images.

We look forward to what 2016 brings!