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Top Tech of 2015

2015 has been another incredible year for technology. As people across the world become more and more reliant on tech, the market for all sorts of devices has accelerated and has become more and more advanced.

Here are our picks for the top 10 best gadgets, technology and inventions of 2015:

1.  Amazon Prime Air

Although this has not yet reached the consumer market, it has to be one of the most intriguing inventions of the year. Its plans first surfaced in 2013, this year it has reached the public eye with much interest. The idea of getting your Amazon purchased delivered by drone within hours is definitely a jump into the future and is a very exciting prospect. Although, the idea and execution is yet to be refined, we guarantee that this will be a part of everyday life in the not too far future.

2. Apple Watch

The latest product to come from Apple’s coveted production line, this is a watch-smartphone hybrid. It gives you the ability to text and phone your friends via the device on your wrist. Although this gadget has definitely divided opinion, it definitely backs up Apple’s reputation of producing successful and innovative consumer technology.

3.  3D Printing

Year after year this brand new type of manufacturing becomes more and more credible, and 2015 has been another huge year for 3D Printing. With it starting the play its role in the Medical industry through the creation of prosthetics as well as it becoming more and more reliable in the manufacturing industry, it has also made its mark with consumers. They can now be purchased by anyone for a relatively cheap price, considering it is such a new technology! There is no doubt that 3D Printers will change the world we live in.

4.  Oculus Rift

With the gaming industry growing and growing, the Oculus Rift is easily one of the standout developments. The virtual reality headset gives lets you enter a completely new virtual world, giving you the chance to ride a rollercoaster or drive a sports car in the comfort of your own home. It is to be released to consumers next year, but this invention is still one of the most exciting around.

5.  Apple Pay

Apple feature for the second time in this list with their smart payment system, Apple Pay. This is a wallet system on Apple’s newest devices that lets you pay for purchases through your device. This is a shining light in the contactless payment revolution, and only fuels the eventual extinction of physical money likes coins and notes.

6. Tesla Cars

The car industry is evolving every year and 2015 has been no different, with Tesla being a standout highlight. The American electric car manufacturer has been dominant in the electric car industry this year, with more and more charging stations popping up in the UK, from the centre of London to your local Sainsbury’s car park!

7.  Netflix

The online streaming service has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and has come to dominate the market this year. With Netflix gaining a big reputation for creating original and brand new entertainment, it has become a very lucrative service and has become a credible rival to TV in general.

8.  4K Televisions

These brand new televisions are 4 times the quality of High Definition; you can’t get a lot better than these TV’s. To think that only a few years ago HD Televisions were cutting edge technology, 4K will soon become the norm if it carries on the way it has this year.

9.  GoPro

It has been a breakthrough year for the portable camera, and it is set to continue its rise in the near future. The camera which can be used in almost any environment is becoming a must have gadget, and are being used to film all sorts of events in a unique and interesting perspective. A must have gadget in the making.

10.  Fitness Trackers

Any fitness fanatics must have, this electronic wristband tracks your every move and it gives you data on your general health. This kind of technology does not only do wonders for your fitness, it can be a real tool for the medical industry in the near future. It has also unexpectedly become a fashion accessory!

Passionate Support Team Member, Will Dixon.