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The workplace in 10 years time...

What will the work place look like in 10 years time?

"In 10 years all work places, I think, will fall under two categories. The staff focused and the classic. I think there are going to be more staff focused work places... let me explain.

Over the next 10 years more and more companies are going to be changing over from the normal style of office. Offices are going to be a much nicer place to be, the design and decoration of work places are going to improve. Work places are where we spend most of our time and that place should be an enjoyable place to be. Companies are going to be more focused on their staff’s well-being and happiness.

Simple things like active chairs and standing desks are going to be a lot more common because more people will be seeing the benefits of them. There is going to be an increase in staff facilities such as gyms and better wash areas, for example cycling to work is becoming more common but not having good washing facilities such as shower rooms puts a lot of people off exercising on the way to work!

The average wage and holiday allowance will probably go up and the amount of sick days will go down. With more companies focusing on staff happiness, more staff are going to be passionate and dedicated to their work therefore this will increase productivity and overall sales.

Repetitive tasks and jobs that don’t need human interaction will be replaced by computers and electronics. Whilst a lot of people would see this as a down side, I think this is great. Jobs such as sorting data lists or tedious tasks that staff don’t like to do will be automated so staff won’t have those tasks that bring down their morale. No one really enjoys going through a list of 50’000 entries checking the same thing on all of them and it taking them 3 weeks. That is a horrible 3 weeks, tasks like this should be automated.

I think this staff focused work place is fantastic and is what every company should aim to be. Companies such as Google, Facebook and many others have already set up these staff focused work places.

On the other hand some companies will still have the classic work place, which will be exactly the same as the average work place now. These companies will slowly be left behind and lose staff and business to competitors. We will all still be making our own tea and coffee though, just a machine will be doing the stirring and pouring!"

Tom Watson - Digital Marketing team member.