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The Toolkit Bake Off Competition 2015

Every year, due to the love we have for the Great British Bake Off, we have our very own Toolkit Bake Off. Each team member takes their turn in cooking a dish to bring to the table each week, and we score them on the following factors:

Authenticity, Taste, Effort and Difficulty. 

This year, we decided to give the theme of "Countries" meaning each team member picked a country of their choice, and created a dish that the country is known for. We decided that savoury dishes were allowed so it wasn't all about baking!

After a long competition we have finally reached the end and crowned our winner, Senior Sales Executive Jose Nobrega.

We asked him what one of his favourite dishes from the competition was and why...

"During the competition we had some great dishes, however, the one that sticks out for me is Passionate Support Team Member, Will’s,  attempt at representing France. He created Nutella & Brown Sugar Pastries that I felt tasted really nice."

What was one of your least favourite dish and why?

"This is a tough one as they were all individually good, the only one I was unable to try was Customer Service Supervisor, Mike’s,  Scottish Game Pie, but only because it had Lamb and I don’t eat lamb, so thats not to say it wasn’t good!"

What was your winning dish, and how did you make it? 

"I made a dish that is renowned in Portugal where I'm from. It's called Caldo Verde and it's a traditional soup.

Step 1: Chop the veg (Kale, Onion, Potato and Garlic.)

Step 2: Put all the veg in a pan with water and boil for 10-20mins or until all the veg is cooked through.

Step 3: While the veg is boiling add some salt and some olive oil.

Step 4: Once boiled empty the contents into a blender and blend it down.

Step 5: Once blended return to a pan and boil for another 10 mins, this time chop some chorizo and add this to the pan to give it some more flavour.

Step 6: Once that is boiled, it is ready to serve and normally goes really well with crusty bread with butter."

What food do you cook at home and what food you enjoy?

"When I am at home, I like to cook Sunday Roasts, as well as one of my favourites foods of all time Fajitas. I do enjoy cooking but with work and little ones who like to eat early I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I would like and have a wonderful wife who is a wonderful chef."

The Bake Off Line-Up 2015

Senior Project Manager Andy - Seafood Paella - Spain
Senior Project Manager Lanara - Slow cooked chicken fajhitas - Mexico Awarded Second Place
Project Manager Natasha - Chicken curry - India
Passionate team member Adam - Guiness Cake/Baileys Cheesecake - Ireland Awarded Third Place
Developer Liaison Jamie - Szegedinertorte - Hungary
Passionate team member Will - Nutella and brown sugar pasties - France
Passionate team member Megan - Sweet and sour chicken - China
Operations Manager David - Risotto - Italy
Business Development Manager Remko - Dutch buscuits - Holland
Customer Services Supervisor Mike - Game pie - Scotland
Senior Sales Executive Paul - Red velvet cake - England
Digital Marketing Analyst Tom - Biscuits - Norway