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Christmas: Gifts & Gadgets on the market 2015

There are loads of options for gifts for tech lovers this Christmas. 2015 has been the year for wearable tech, great new audio devices, cameras, tablets and gifts that are just for a bit of fun. Take a look at my personal top 5 tech gifts for Christmas this year.

1. Star Wars BB8 Droid 

At £130 it may be expensive for a bit of fun, but what true Star Wars fan wouldn't want their own droid? With features including voice recognition, adaptive personality and a holographic projector the tech is strong with this one.

So if you're buying for any Star Wars fans this Christmas and feeling generous, or just want to annoy the cat, this could be the droid you're looking for!

2. Smartphone Projector 

Another gadget that makes the most of your smartphone, simply place your phone inside the projector for a novelty experience. Unlikely to beat your TV for quality, but looks great for a bit of fun around the Christmas dinner table.

3. Vizor VR Glasses

Following on from Google cardboard, these horizon expanding glasses let you watch 3D films and play games through your smartphone simply by placing it inside the goggles. With plenty of free 3D videos available online this is an easy, and relatively inexpensive way, of getting that 3D experience.

4. Snap Time

Another great idea for a Christmas stocking filler. Simple, durable and available in a range of colours these would be ideal for outdoor or sports activities.

5. World's Smallest Voice Changer

For a bit of fun this Christmas, and for only £8, this could be the perfect stocking filler.

Senior Project Manager - Andy Sudlow.