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Being a newbie... at Toolkit Websites

In November this year, I started a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with 3aaa and began to work full time doing Content Input and Client Support at Toolkit Websites. Up until November, I had absolutely no experience in IT, other than GCSE ICT, as I studied A-Levels in Chemistry, French and Human Biology. By doing this apprenticeship I was taking a big leap out of my lingual and scientific comfort zone, but I knew that I wanted to start working towards a career in digital marketing.

On my first day, I worked on the basic training that was needed for this role, which included setting up my computer and emails, learning about the company, learning the jobs of my new colleagues and finally, learning how to use Toolkit’s own CMS: “The Toolkit”. I then started to learn about HTML coding, which I enjoyed, but definitely preferred coding after I started to learn CSS. As my knowledge of coding increased, so did my ability to use The Toolkit. I really liked practising CSS whilst styling web pages and forms. I’m excited to learn JavaScript because then there will be more that I can do for the pages in content input.

In my third week at Toolkit Websites, I started answering the phones. I have previously worked in customer service before, but never have I participated in customer service over the phone. Surprisingly, this was a whole new experience for me, as before I started answering clients’ calls I assumed that there wouldn’t be much of a difference between face-to-face and over-the-phone customer service. I personally feel that I quickly gained confidence in being on the phones and rapidly developed over-the-phone skills.

Since having been at Toolkit Websites, I have learnt many key parts of having a website. Firstly, how websites can increase their success, by using online and offline marketing techniques, making regular updates, using social media and by having a modern design etc. Secondly, how SEO can be the difference that the client needs in order to receive the business that they deserve. Over the last few weeks, I have learnt how Google ranks the websites of businesses and how I can use this information and advice on SEO to help the clients that phone the support team.

Since November, I have been introduced to many software programs that are used to perfect a website and its content. My favourite of these programs was Photoshop. I learned how to use it by watching my colleagues use the program, by watching tutorials online and mostly by one of the other apprentices, Adam, teaching me many of Photoshop’s functions. I enjoyed editing photos, images and logos.

I have really enjoyed the time I’ve spent at Toolkit Websites so far, and I can’t wait to learn more about The Toolkit, build on the knowledge needed to help clients and further my coding skills and IT ability.

- Megan Thompson

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