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Advert Marketing - a run down of the best.

Christmas used to be marked as 'officially on the way' when you'd see the famous Coca Cola advert "Holidays are Coming!" featuring the red Coca Cola lorry. Nowadays you can go and visit it, as it pulls up in your city at a set location and time.

But Coca Cola are not the only ones with an advert that we now eagerly anticipate. It's become bigger than the battle for number one music single in the charts! Adverts have become dramatic, over the top, much longer and also much more film-like in style. For years now, the likes of huge brands such as Sainsburys, Asda, Aldi, Designer fashion labels and more have all gotten involved in creating huge marketing campaigns for the festive season, in an attempt to rival the others.

Below we take a look at our favourite adverts of Christmas 2015 and why we think they work so well!

'Mog’s Christmas Calamity’

Sainsbury's have come up trumps this year with a full length 3’30" TV ad, created by AMV BBDO that has been adapted from a book written by Kerr, especially for the ad. Mog is a character that many children have grown up with, following the tales of this particularly clumsy cat that manages to cause mayhem wherever he goes. This humerous and well told tale sees Mog accidentally ruin Christmas, only for it all to be saved by the local community coming together.

"The lonely man on the moon."

John Lewis are renowned for their creative approach to their Christmas adverts, and this one doesn't fail to disappoint. You do have to have a bit of an imagination (how did the balloons get to the moon!?) but the overall story is very touching and pulls on the heartstrings.

The message of the advert? No one has to be alone this Christmas, and if you can't be with your family it is important to let your loved ones know you're thinking of them this festive season.

"An advert with some guts."

Aldi have taken a very brave approach this year, with a Christmas advert that humorously parodies the John Lewis advert. Whilst watching it, a lot of people have gasped 'can they actually do that!?' but it looks like they can.

They also manage to get a sly price comparison in the advert too, which is well worth a chuckle.

"Get your gift face on" 

Harvey Nichols have really picked up on something here, the art of feigning delight when you receive an atrocious Christmas present. We've all been there, and this advert touches on the fact very cleverly and with great humour.

Avoid #giftface by shopping at Harvey Nichols of course!

There are a number of huge contenders for this years best Christmas Advert... and we can't wait to see what next year brings!

Project Manager - Natasha Lock.