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2016 Design Predictions

Every year, we like to predict what design trends are up and coming for the year coming. Design trends come and go very fast in the web design industry, which is why some techniques and styles can become outdated very quickly. Sometimes an old design style resurfaces and comes back into fashion!

Here are some of our predictions for 2016:


It's all about statement fonts. Selecting a font for your brand is never easy, because there are so many to choose from! And you want to make sure that you are original and unique, and that it's the style you are looking for.

Google fonts have a database of hundreds of fonts, which are all perfectly web safe. So making sure your website has a font to impress is much easier.

We expect to see experimental fonts, big large typography and graphic/ wording being integrated together to create a classic edge to design.


Something that has really caught our eye recently are cinemagraphs. Images with a video element. So for example, there is an image of a man fishing, but the river swell is moving in the image.

This idea where you single out one element out of a video and make the rest of the frame still, is really catching on.

You can see some examples here.

Semi flat design 

Flat design came back into fashion last year, but 2016 will see it being used with slight gradients. Icons and graphics will still be stripped back and flat, but subtle gradients and shading will be used to enhance and produce a really high-end finish.

Video backgrounds

A lot of websites feature full width background images, that are really attractive. Towards the end of 2015 and into early 2016, video backgrounds will become more and more popular. Even if it's a subtle movement like a trees branches moving gently in the wind, or smoke coming out of a chimney, adding these animations into the design can stop a static site looking dull and rigid.

Ghost buttons

Ghost buttons have become ever more popular throughout 2015, but 2016 will see them implemented just as much. They are subtle and classy looking, which mean call to actions have never looked better!

Fewer pages (due to mobile viewing) 

The site maps of websites will reduce. Whether it's a small 5 page website or stripped back further to just 1 page. With longer scrolling pages, the need for more pages is no longer there, and smaller more compact websites will be popular.

This will make for easier viewing and navigating as well as a more enjoyable experience.