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What's on offer, for Black Friday?

It's Black Friday, this Friday! This is a blog post outlining exactly what you could get your hands on, at a reduced and brilliant price. At Toolkit Websites, our customer service is our passion. So you're in for a treat this Black Friday.

If you are new to Toolkit Websites, and you don't have an account with us yet, this will be your chance to get started on a brand new website project with us! Whether you have an existing site that you'd like to improve upon, or if you want to start completely from scratch with a new website design, we're the web design company for you.

"Every website design should be unique, original and built with the client in mind. That's why our web designers here at our head office in Southampton create beautiful, bespoke designs.  Unlike many other web design companies we do not use pre-made templates."

We don't just stop at website design. We can create your brand, including a logo too! Want to take a look at some of our logo designs that we have created previously? Visit our logo design page.

For those that already have an account with us, we have a brilliant redesign service where we can offer suggestions and improvements to your website, and then make those changes. With a dedicated project manager, just as you would if you were starting with a new project, you will be guided through the process with ease.

As always, you will have access to our Toolkit Content Management System. We provide free and full training on how you can update your website yourself, post publication. It couldn't be more easy. 

When it comes to Social Media, we have numerous Social Media set-up options, as well as the ability to brand and make your social media accounts cohesive with your website design. Whether you want a Facebook Business page, a Twitter page, Youtube Channel, Google+ page or a LinkedIn business group, we can help. We manage all of our own Social Media in house too, so if you're stuck on ideas on what to post or how to gain followers, you're more than welcome to ask us for tips and tricks.

If you want a blog, we also have a service where we can brand this to look like your website also. We create bespoke blog skins, to make sure your brand is consistent across all boards.

Want to make the most out of email marketing? We provide business class email addresses, and a broadcast account if you'd like to be able to send out bulk email campaigns to reign in more customers. Who said email marketing was dead?

Have bespoke made custom templates created for you, and you're on your way!

There are also a number of add-on's that you could take advantage of this coming Friday. Whether you want to add drop-down menus to your website for better and easier navigation, if you want headers per page or side bars per page, or if you want an in-page gallery to showcase your imagery there are plenty of things you could add to your website to give it something 'extra.' It might be that you want a private login area for you website, where only members can access the information inside of it, you might want a bespoke form for people to fill out their details and information, you may even want to purchase more stock imagery to give your website a more fresh look. What ever it is that you want, why not give us a call on Friday and find out what deals you can get on our Black Friday promotion?

As always, we are happy to answer any questions. Simply call the office on 02380 633 644, or drop us an email!