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What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, when retailers offer extreme deals and discounts on their services or products as a start of the Christmas shopping season.

Is Black Friday successful?

Last year, British consumers spent £810m on Black Friday. That's a rate of £9,375 every second. This year, sales are expected to surpass £1bn.

Is it an annual event?

Yes. But you also have cyber Monday, after the weekend. A day which sees even more online offers than in store.

There is also Small Business Saturday which is an initiative started by American Express in the US that was picked up by the UK two years ago. It encourages consumers to support their local retailers instead of huge corporate brands.

When is Black Friday?

This year is lands on Friday 27th November.

When did Black Friday become an event in the UK?

Black Friday first arrived in the UK five years ago when Amazon trialled it out. In 2013, Asda participated in the UK's version of Black Friday, and last year the most major UK retailers including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Argos and even British Airways took part.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Many retailers report their highest profits on Black Friday. The black portion of the name, "Black Friday" relates to businesses recording their losses in red ink and gains in black.

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