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Website of the Week: Rotary Club, London.

This week's website of the week goes to the Rotary Club of London. The Rotary Club volunteer their skills, time and resources to make a positive difference to the lives of others. Their projects include organising and supervising community events, promoting the achievements of young people, helping those who are disadvantaged or disabled, coordinating educational programmes and working in partnership with local businesses and charities.

Senior Project Manager Lanara, initially created a one page website for them at the beginning of the year. This showcased the basic information about the Rotary Club of London, including a brief summary of their events and work. Kaz Aston, a brilliant Rotarian, came back to us to get the website created into a 10 page site, with much more in-depth and fresh content.  Lanara maintained the full width panel website, using vivid images, along with coloured panels to separate out the content sections and to make it easy to navigate.

The website features a Google font called "Open Sans" which is softer and more professional than some of the standard web fonts available.

Kaz works in PR and has a mass following on Social Media platforms. She has utilised this well, by having us add Youtube videos, Twitter and Facebook links and feeds as well as useful information links to sites and accounts of interest.

The about page features a page with links to all of the different Rotary Clubs in the UK and Ireland. Each page uses a bespoke header image, with London Landmarks as the theme.

The achievements page, along with the up and coming events page are the two that are the main focus. The achievements page lists a number of newsworthy updates including personal triumphs for the Rotarians. Whether it's celebrating an award, hitting a target, or astounding charity work, there are some inspiring topics on the page with a number of influential people. The up and coming events documents the latest calendar, as well as events that are coming up. This page is being used as the hub for Rotarians to know what's happening and when.

Another page that is of interest is the History page, which documents how the Rotary Club of London came about and when. Each page has it's own theme or topic, which makes the site for an easy and enjoyable experience. The website finishes with the Join us page, which outlines the information you need to become a fellow Rotarian.

With a fresh and modern look, we've given the Rotary Club of London a new identity. The idea being to revamp and modernise the look of it to show that it's not an out of date community. There are fresh and young members too, and they are on the look out for more to join!

We highly recommend taking a look around the site for yourself!