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Toolkit's Guide to: Website Project Length

It's a question we're asked a lot. And the answer is always different, depending on the project, the industry, the size of the website and more.

We understand that each client has different website design objectives and with our expertise we are confident we will deliver the perfect solution. Throughout the process our clients are equally involved, discussing various design ideas with their dedicated Project Manager who will work hard to ensure their website turns out exactly as planned.

Every website design should be unique, original and built with the client in mind. That's why our web designers here at our head office in Southampton create beautiful, bespoke designs.  Unlike many other web design companies we do not use pre-made templates.

The amount of time it takes to design and develop a website depends on two things: Us and You. With a responsive web designer and a responsive client, the website will be completed quickly and smoothly.

On average, a small sized website should take 4-8 weeks to complete. A large portion of this time is spent by you, as the client, writing or collecting together the necessary text for the pages.

Completing the site in 4-8 weeks is considered fast in this industry. The web design industry is a complex one. We love our work, and we take pride in it, meaning we want to spend time getting it right. With new technology and trends coming in each year, we are often making tweaks to our systems and in turn being able to offer more complex, and cool functionality to our clients!

Your new website should take time to build.

When a company consistently delivers high quality work, they’re going to be in higher demand. A company that does good work AND isn’t busy is a rarity.

Building a new website is hard work, and not just for us as the web designers. There are certain things that only you can do. Gathering content, providing feedback, answering questions. Taking the time to respond and provide the necessary input for your project isn’t always convenient, and thus can slow down the project progress. That's normal, and we will fit around your work and your life when necessary.

Where complexity is higher or the scope of the project is particularly large, projects can take a number of months or longer depending on a number of factors. It completely depends on your individual project needs.

Completing a project in less time is possible and we’ve often met tight deadlines for those that need it. We don’t recommend it, as at the end of the day, the website is the first impression your customers or clients will get of your business. It deserves to have time spent on it to make sure it's right. Your project is best served by having a time line that is reasonable, realistic and achievable. This is why we have an unlimited design change policy, meaning we will work on it until we get it 100% right.

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