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National 'candy' day!

Today is National Candy day, because these days there seems to be a day for everything! Just check the calendar we came across, and you'll see them listed.

In celebration for sweets, chocolate and naughty treats, we have a run down of our teams favourites.

Remko Smith - New Business Manager

I'm partial to white chocolate. It's more a fetish than a craving. Sometimes I like to melt it on a warm stove and smother myself, head to toe, in Milky Bar.

I hate chocolate which has been tarnished by peanuts. Eww eww eww. Yuck.

Lanara Mitchell - Senior Project Manager

My favourite sweet treat has to be Kinder chocolate. It doesn't matter what type. The eggs. The wafer buenos or the sticks of it. It's so creamy and SO nice.

I really don't like anything with Turkish Delight or Marzipan. I've never been a fan of these!

I like: Jaffa cakes, Walnut whips, Creme eggs, Turkish delight, Tiramisu, Mint matchmakers, Sherbet lemons, Chocolate mice, After eights, Munchies, Crunchie, Dairy milk, Galaxy, Bounty, Flake, Curly Wurly, Haribo tangfastics (especially the cola bottles,) Haribo star mix, Trifle, New york cheesecake, Creme brulee, Raspberry roulade, Sticky toffee pudding, Black forest gateaux, Vienetta, Neopolitan ice cream, Carrot cake, Key lime pie, Apple pie, Blueberry muffins, Fudge, Chocolate orange and the red and orange ones out of quality street.

I don't like: the yellow ones out of quality street!

Tom Watson - Digital Marketing Team Member

This is a tricky one because there are so many great ones, I would have said Snickers Bar but I will go with something more candy like. My favourite candy is probably the Haribo eggs. With my least favourite being Milk Chocolate in a large quantity, its fine in a small amount but I will always stop after 1 bar.

Jamie Holmes - Development Liaison

I'm not a huge candy person preferring ice-cream, cake or pastries, but I do have a soft spot for either Milky Bar or Dairy Milk Oreo!

Will Dixon - Passionate Support Team Member

My favourite candy is skittles as I love all the different flavours. My least favourite are Oreos as I hate the cream in the middle!

Natasha Lock - Project Manager

My favourite candy is anything fizzy or sour, especially sour patch kids or the minion sweets. I could probably demolish a bag of either of those within 5 minutes!

I actually am not a big fan of chocolate which may come as a surprise! I am pretty sure I still have some Easter eggs left over that I haven't even touched from this years Easter. I think I will just ask for sweets next time.

Mike Murrell - Customer Services Supervisor

Crunchy M&M's are my favourite. I would like to be able to say that it's just my opinion but it is just a fact they are the best! My least favourite are Revels, who could possible like coffee favoured chocolate?…not natural!

Jose Nobrega - Senior Sales Executive

My favourite candy is Bounty, Dairy Milk and Double Deckers. My least favourite is Turkish Delight as don't like the taste!