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Making a deal, and how it benefits your business.

Did you know that this time next week, it will be Black Friday? There will be deals up for grabs everywhere! From Amazon, to PC World & Curry's, to your local retailers. Even the team here at Toolkit Websites are gearing up for a mega-deal Black Friday, offering new and existing customers the chance to purchase our services at a reduced and great price!

So, do deals work for business? And why are they such a success?

With the rise in popularity in services such as Groupon, research has shown that people are enticed by a good deal. Whether it's something they've wanted to purchase for a while, or if it's something new or different that they'd like to give a go. The results have found for most businesses offering regular and good quality deals that the amount of repeat business is staggering.

The idea behind a good deal is to do just that, entice new customers and to keep them coming back again and again. Not only do you need an offer or a deal that will get people's attention, but you need to be able to hold that attention long after the promotion has ended. In a nutshell, you need to make sure your services and products are good enough in the first place, and if so, to have a strong and solid campaign to draw awareness to your business.

The main things to have in mind before looking at offering a promotion or deal to the public is the following.

1. You'll need to make sure your staff are trained to up-sell. If a customer or client hold an interest in a product or service you are offering, your staff need to be well equipped with the right information and encouragement, and not just that, but with recommendations and suggestions of services or products that will compliment what they're interested in.

2. Think about how you are going to target your potential customers. Make the most of your free marketing tools such as Social media and Email marketing. A good campaign utilises all that is available to you, to make sure people are aware of your deal and what they could get from it. People like to pick up information on the go. Having an email come through about your latest deals and offers can entice people to click and purchase.

3. Think long term. Don't just think about getting the deals purchased, think about how these translate in terms of the bigger picture. Do you have a system in place to make sure you can make revenue and continue generating business once the deal has finished? Do you have a strategy to make sure you can turn these customers into repeat customers?

4. Generate interest in your products and services, and capture potential customers contact details. Whether you are offering a free product, or service in exchange for their email address, make sure you honour that agreement, and impress them with your customer service.

5. Think carefully about the deal you are offering. If you are a business where customers have to travel (such as a restaurant) the deal will need to be worthwhile for them to make the trip. If you're offering £5 off then you may not get the amount of customers you were hoping for. They may get in the car and travel further for a percentage off the bill and free drinks for example. You'll need to scope out your target audience and make a deal worth claiming.

There a number of things you need to make a campaign a good one. Your business will benefit from something that is well thought out and crafted. An attractive deal, with a great end result will mean repeat buyers and will lead to a profit of revenue.

If you are interested in a Broadcast service to manage your Email Marketing, or you'd like to benefit from our Social Media set-ups and branding, don't forget to get in contact with us on Friday 27th for some brilliant deals and offers!