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Can't teach an old dog new tricks?


Barclay's, along with many banks, has faced criticism over it's move to using more technological and automated processes, and closing it's human manned counters. 

An article in the Telegraph showed an elderly person visiting their local branch only to find that all of the counters had been replaced with machines, in which he found difficult to use, and unlike his usual experience of having the money counted out for him and put inside an envelope.

However, Barclays, which has one of the largest high street presence of all banks, says 800,000 customers use its branches every day. One of the reasons technology is being put in place is to help deal with a large volume of people in a shorter amount of time, therefore correlating with a positive experience. And instead of leaving people in the lurch with the machines, there are members of staff labelled 'digital eagles.' These members of staff are there to help first-time or novice internet users to understand how to do their banking online and to assist them in using the latest apps and technology. 

Banks such as Barclays, are not the only ones using technology to replace human staff members. Supermarkets these days have dedicated self-service areas, and airports have microchip scanners so that you can go through the system without even having to be checked by a manned counter. Cinema's have machine kiosks where you can pay for and collect your tickets. There are self-service petrol stations where you pay your amount on the way out of the station. There are even automated systems in place for paying your utility bills and so on. 

We admire Barclays, mainly because they have put a FREE scheme in place to help those willing to learn, to use technology for banking (and for other areas of their day to day life!) Among the schemes they offer they have Tea and Teach. This is where you can book a session and a topic you'd like to learn about and you can attend a workshop completely free, whilst enjoying a cup of tea! 

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

With these brilliant schemes and plans in place, to help those that may need it, the charity Friends of the Elderly, (a national charity providing daycare and support for older people) were delighted to hear about the Digital Eagles. They felt that this would be an excellent opportunity to work together to introduce technology into the lives of clients in their day centres and care homes. 

Barclay's doesn't just focus on the elderly though, and have a programme called LifeSkills that was put together purely for young people, teachers, parents and children. Barclay's code playground is a particularly interesting one, with monthly 2-hour coding sessions for children aged 7 to 17 in selected branches. Barclay's say: "It’s a really fun way to learn the basics and develop digital skills for the future. Bring your children along with their laptops and our Digital Eagles will help them discover coding."

The only issue with this (as with any technology in any industry) is the willingness for the person to want to accept help and take advantage of learning these key skills with a world that technology is advancing in, every day. You can take a horse to water...

Here at Toolkit Websites, we are constantly working on improving our online systems and our content management system. Like Barclay's we offer unlimited and free training on our services and products. 

We feel it's so important for you to take full advantage of getting to grips with using those systems and being able to update your website whenever you like. We also want you to feel like you can handle your emails easily too, to make your business run smoother and for a professional outlook. 

And if you get stuck? We're here via phone or email, Monday to Friday. Give us a call and one of our friendly support team members will be on hand to give you assistance. We always answer the phone within 3 rings!

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