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Website of the Week: Ubuntu Mission

This week's website of the week goes to the Ubuntu Mission. Ubuntu is more than a philosophy. Translated from the languages of Southern Africa, Ubuntu speaks to the heart of identity: "I am a person through others." The organisations mission is to: Create economic empowerment in disadvantaged communities through the delivery of practical business skills and knowledge programmes and more.

The charity are a group of active professionals and community leaders that use their skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than others.

Senior Project Manager Lanara created a full width panel website, using vivid images, along with coloured panels to show case not only Africa and the colours associated with the country but the Ubuntu Logo. The logo design (also created by Toolkit Websites) goes with the theme and the meaning of the Ubuntu Mission, which means the brand is consistent throughout each page.

The website design has been built in separate panels, each with something different to look at. Whether it's a link to click to read more text, or an info-graphic or set of images, it's detailed and provides a great insight into what the organisation do and who they are.

The website uses a bespoke Google font called Open Sans, meaning that the text is easy to see and read. This makes a change from the usual web safe fonts that you are limited to, when creating a web design.

The website features a page with Twitter and Facebook feeds. This is a great way of letting people see your social media presence and updates, without leaving your website pages. If you update your social media regularly, then it automatically updates on the website too, making the content appear very current and recent.

The website features a PayPal donate button for people looking to make a donation. PayPal is one way of taking payment online, and is a trusted and familiar brand. PayPal ensures secure payment and confidentiality of details meaning that only PayPal handles the payment process between bank accounts.

The Ubuntu Mission said "What's great about Toolkit Websites is their flexibility, patience, willingness, creativity, and relationship management." They kindly awarded us a 5 star rating for our work on their project.

We at Toolkit, love the outcome of the website, and in particular think the visual imagery, and the carefully constructed content make it a success.