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Website of the Week: Hastings Talking Newspaper

This week's website of the week goes to Hastings Talking Newspaper. Hastings Talking Newspaper produces a weekly recorded news and magazine programme for the visually handicapped within the Hastings and Rother area of East Sussex.

As a registered charity HTN is run by volunteers and funded largely by donations to keep blind and otherwise visually disabled people aware of local news and information that is otherwise unavailable from any other media source.

Senior Project Manager Andy created a full width panel website, using images of the local area, and a large font size due to the target audience being partially blind. The colour scheme was chosen carefully to assist the ease of use of the website, as well as the simple scrolling panels. This meant using high contrast colours, with the yellow theme being the main colour.

The website has been built to ensure that <p> tags in the code are used for the content to allow the browser 'reader' function to work. <p> tags are used as standard in web design anyway, but it was important to make sure that this was put in place from the off-set to make sure the website can be read from an E-Reader point of view.

The website uses a bespoke Google font called Oxygen, meaning that the text is easy to see and read. This has been set at a larger than normal font size in order to make sure that the target audience find it easy to use the site to access the information.

The website also features a mobile version, meaning that it passes Google's Mobile Friendly check, as well as being easy to use and navigate for anyone on a tablet or mobile phone.

The website features a PayPal donate button for people looking to make a donation. PayPal is one way of taking payment online, and is a trusted and familiar brand. PayPal ensures secure payment and confidentiality of details meaning that only PayPal handles the payment process between bank accounts.

A number of our charities use a similar way of taking donations online, which you can see in our charity portfolio.

Hastings Talking Newspaper enjoyed the build process with Toolkit Websites, saying: "It was a very easy to follow process!" They kindly awarded us with a 5 star rating and told us to "carry on as you are!"