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Is Wireless Charging, the Future?

Wireless charging is the transmission of an electrical current from a power source to a receiving device without the use of a physical connection.  The electrical current is used to charge the battery of the device that is receiving the transmission.  The process is where electricity is transferred between two objects through coils.

What are the advantages?

Imagine your home or work place without the need for power cables and extension leads! Imagine being able to place your smart phone down on your desk, or your bed side table to charge instead of having to plug it in. These are the things that wireless charging will be able to fulfil.

Not only is the idea pretty cool but it also means that:

  • It adds the convenience for charging of everyday devices, without having to put much through or effort into it.
  • It reduces the cost associated with maintaining mechanical connectors and electrical appliance fittings.
  • It is safer and eliminates the risk of tripping over cables, cables overheating and overloaded extension leads.
A large chain that has delved into the wireless market is IKEA. With a range of furniture (and even phone cases) that can charge your appliances in the way described above, their products are innovative, modern and all the rage!

Ikea says: "We wanted to make charging a natural part of your home, so we chose side tables and lamps - the kind of furniture that’s used frequently - and turned them into wireless chargers. Not only do they make your home more beautiful, they make it easier to charge your smartphone wherever you are"

Many of us know what it's like to forget to plug your devices in for charge over night, only to go to use them the next day and realise you're completely out of battery! With wireless charging, all you have to do is place your device on your designated wireless charging platform. Whether you choose that to be your bed side table, your desk or your lamp, it's up to you!

Mike, our Customer Services Supervisor, has a wireless charging device of his own. He says: "The wireless charging pad I have looks cool, works well and means that I don't have to remember to plug my device in over night. I have two kids back at home, and as most people with a family can relate, small every day tasks can be missed or forgotten."

The charging pad he has can be found on IKEA's website here.