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Website of the Week: UES London

This week's website of the week goes to UES London. They are a specialist tutoring and course provider for US and UK entrance tests.

UES London already had their original website built with us. They came back to get their website redesigned with us in order to bring the website up to date, on our responsive platform and with a sleek new look. The web design industry is such a fast moving industry with new features and functionality becoming available, and new design trends coming and going at a fast pace. This means that keeping your website fresh and up to date can mean that every so often (we suggest every couple of years) you can take a look at your design, website layouts, and look at improving and tweaking it.

Project Manager Lauren started off by creating a first draft on our responsive platform that requires a tableless design. UES London had a brand expert on board which enabled us to use their custom font, and a design that took inspiration from American College memorabilia. The multi-column layout is unique in the way that the content is laid out and easy to follow.

The website features a responsive sidebar that turns into a header image, when you are viewing it on a mobile or tablet device. The header is a vintage style image with a filter, which is largely targeted at the audience the website is made for. The younger, college/ student audience will understand the style and it will appeal to them.

You can see below, how the website looks on a tablet, adapting to fit the screen it is being displayed on.

And again, here is how it looks on a phone device.

Having a website that is responsive or has a mobile version is integral to your website being deemed mobile-friendly by Google.You can find more information about this in our Responsive Vs. Mobile site blog post.

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