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Toolkit's Guide to: Weather Widgets

If you have a business that relies on the weather, or the weather is something that clients or customers will take into account when buying your services/ booking with you, then having a weather widget is a great way of letting them see what the weather will be like or is like at your location.

For example, if you are a hotel or B&B you may want to show a weather forecast so that customers can check how it will be for their stay. This makes for a better stay, expectation and they will line up activities or plans accordingly.

Most people check the weather either on the News or online anyway, but having it accessible and easy for them to see on your website is a nice touch.

There are plenty of free Weather widgets that you can use and embed on your website without charge at all.

It is recommended that you use one that doesn't display adverts on the page you click through to, as this may be an opportunity for your customers or clients to click on those adverts and come away from your page. The idea is that you hold their attention and potentially their custom!

An example of a free weather widget is by Accuweather.

Simply choose your location, language and unit and the preview of the widget will appear below.

Here you will be able to choose what size the widget is and how it will look on the website, before clicking through to collect the code.

Once you have the code you can embed this onto your page in the HTML view. Or you can send it to your web design company to apply it for you.