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Stock Photography Vs. Professional Photography

When it comes to imagery for your website, you will need to make the decision of whether you have images of your own that are good enough to use, or if you'll need to rely on stock photography.

Why is it important to have good quality imagery?

Because the first impression made by visuals on your website will reflect the quality of your services or products. People can easily and quickly make a judgement just from visual imagery on a site, and if you're using blurry, grainy or unprofessional looking images, this can have an impact on how your business and its services are perceived.

Professional Photography

If you can get a professional photographer, then we highly recommend it. Having high resolution, creative photos taken of your actual products, business, team or service related photos is a massive bonus to having your website look great, be a true representation of you and your business and will create the ultimate first impression.

Some websites that we've created, where the client has invested in a professional photographer, are some of the best in our portfolio simply due to the quality and colour of the shots. You can see these below.

Stock Imagery:

If you don't have professional images of your business, services or products then stock imagery is a great solution. Most web designers have an account with a stock imagery site. We have one with Shutterstock, meaning that you can take a look through the library and select images to use from there.

If you search well enough, you can find some really good photography. Some favourite sites of ours that use stock photography well can be seen below:

Combining Stock Photography with Professional Photography:

Again, something that can make a site look really visually engaging is having a mix between stock and professional photography.

Combining abstract stock images, with product or service photos can make for a really nice visual experience.

Your web designer will help you choose what images work well together, and what will slot into the design well. Never be afraid to say that you'd like to see something different to see how it would look. Web design in particular is a very subjective topic. What you may like another may not.

Getting the perfect balance of imagery, whether it's photos, graphics or illustrations can be the different between a good website and an excellent one.