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PC vs Mac

The battle between PC and Mac has been an ongoing debate in the technology industry for some time now. When it comes to deciding what to use or buy, we have a simple guide to follow depending on you as a person, what you expect your computer to do for you and what you want to use it for!

The best way to describe the difference between a Mac and a PC is that they are two different ways of thinking. In most cases you can come to the same result using either but they will go about it in a different manner.


One of the biggest differences between PCs and Macs are how they look. Steve Jobs, late Apple CEO, focused on the appearance of his company's products meaning that they look sleek, high tech and expensive. If you look at a Mac you'll find they look much more futuristic and attractive than most of the PCs available to buy.

Apple has carved out a reputation for being the ‘alternative’ choice for those that see themselves as an individual, which is what art is all about. Macs tend to be the best platform for design and creativity due to the strength of the applications available for it.

On the other hand, PCs don't come from a single manufacturer, so there are a variety of different designs and styles. Some are more attractive than others, and you have a lot more choice depending on your personal preference.


Macs are notoriously pricey, with the baseline price of £1000 for a decent Mac computer. There are also a number of highly priced PC's too, depending on specification and functionality. Apple has chosen to build the Mac around higher-end computers with costly components, where you can find PCs on the market that are cheaper and depend on your budget.

Unless you’re editing video, graphic design etc. then you probably don’t need to spend that amount of money on a Mac.

Tech Specifications

This completely depends what you want your computer for. If you want it for design and more comprehensive uses, a Mac is better suited to your needs. A PC is perfectly fine for general surfing of the web and tasks such as word processing, but there are some elements that you may find more satisfying on a Mac when it comes to more technical tasks that you want to complete.

PCs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from Acer, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and more. Each offering their own configurations, models and software that comes with it.


Apple is selective about where their products are sold. Whereas PC manufacturers are available in a much wider variety of stores. Microsoft for example licenses its Windows operating system to other companies meaning you'll find them in more stores than Mac computers.


A big difference between Mac and PC is the level of security you can expect from viruses. Because the vast majority of the world's computers run Microsoft Windows, most attacks focus on PCs. This does mean that Macs are less at a risk of security threats. This doesn't mean that Mac users should completely ignore security.

A summary

One thing that both Mac and Windows PC fans have in common is passion for the brands themselves.
In the end, the choice of PC or Mac depends upon you more than anything else and your personal preference.

Why not take a short quiz to find out which one you might be better suited to?