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Iconic Logos, then and now.

Did you know that it took Apple 22 years to decide on and develop their logo? Nowadays companies are taking their logo design, reworking it and revamping it to keep up with the times, and no one escapes the "aging" process. Not even Google!

We take a look at some of those iconic logos we know and love today, and how they've changed to adapt to the simpler and responsive web.

Airbnb have come a long way from their old, blue logo with white border. The bubble writing style has been used many times before, and the new airbnb logo exudes a much simpler and cleaner looking logo. They also opt to just use the icon on it's own, now that it's become more recognisable and familiar.

Spotify are now regarded one of the top companies for streaming music. And with this, their logo has now become iconic too. Again, like Airbnb they can drop their name altogether and the icon can stand alone. The change in colour, and making the logo overall more 'flat' follows the latest trend and means they look fresher and more up to date.

Netflix have developed their very own phrase, coined by the people that use it. "Netflix and Chill!" But it's logo has also undergone a change, again by giving it a simplification and removing the shadow. embossing on the previous design. The Netflix logo is now a lot more dynamic and can be used on various backgrounds/ colours and textures.

Dropbox are the number one service for storing your files, pictures and more on the cloud, for free! Their sketch style logo, with 3D elements has been stripped back and created in a 2D flat design making it a lot more contemporary and less fussy. The colour has also deepened, meaning that the contrast against white is much more striking.

Twitter underwent a transformation by changing their cartoon style logo and giving it a more professional touch. That included removing extra detail such as the rounding of the feathers, the tufty top and the elongated tail. For such an iconic logo, it has undergone quite a large change, without much impact on the brand itself.

Google. The giant made the logo change just recently after the launch of Alphabet, it's umbrella company. Choosing to modernise the existing Google logo to be more in the style of the logo for Alphabet, a lot of people noticed the change and had a lot to say on the matter! We think it's effortlessly cool, and we love that they've kept the original colours in the new typography font.

Yes, Facebook changed their logo this year too. It didn't get as much as a reception as Google's did, but mainly because the change was very slight. You can see that the 'a' is the letter that has been modified the most, and the font is overall slightly more rounded and modern looking. Again, we give it the thumbs up!

As you can see, all brands need a revamp every now and then. In an industry that is so fast paced and with new trends coming and going by the day, it's important to give your company that extra boost. Whether it's giving your branding a new look, changing up your website design, or going for a different style entirely.

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