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Google's Business View: Virtual 360 Tours

Did you know that Google offer a service called "Business View" to help enhance your presence across Google with a premium quality, 360º virtual tour powered by Street View technology.

When you get in touch with Google to discuss your requirements, they will then schedule a photo shoot with you at a time that is convenient. Google have a list of "trusted" photographers and agencies that you can select from when it comes to having the shoot done at your premises. With a trusted photographer or agency based in a number of locations, you have a long list to pick from.

What businesses would benefit from a virtual tour?

Any business that is client facing. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, photography studio, animal hospital or something else you can have a virtual tour for people to see your business premises, location and to get familiar with your company before physically coming to meet you.

How is this an advantage?

If your premises is part of your business identity, or may sway a client or customers decision in working with you, of course you should show it off. Let clients have an insight into your premises or location and let them be impressed.

Examples of Virtual Tours

To see how it looks on a website, visit the links below!

Google Business View Examples
Freddies Restaurant